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M&A Doocey Construction
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February 2023
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Our Work: Streamlining Operations for M&A Doocey Construction Ltd.


Blumac Digital is proud to showcase DooceyVision, a comprehensive business application developed for M&A Doocey Construction Ltd. This innovative software solution was designed to streamline and enhance various operational aspects of the company, providing robust tools for job management, vehicle fleet tracking, CRM, timesheets, forms, health and safety, HR, documents, security, and costings. Here’s a detailed look at how DooceyVision is transforming the way M&A Doocey Construction Ltd. operates.

Full Job Management for Traffic Management Division

DooceyVision offers a powerful job management system tailored for the traffic management division. This includes a mobile app that enables operatives to receive and complete tasks on the go, ensuring efficiency and real-time updates from the field.

Vehicle Fleet Management

Our software keeps track of all company vehicles, integrating seamlessly with the VOSA API to maintain up-to-date MOT and tax information. This ensures compliance and simplifies vehicle management for the entire fleet.

Comprehensive CRM System

The CRM module within DooceyVision is designed to manage tenders for the Multi Utilities department. It provides a centralised system to handle customer relationships, track opportunities, and streamline the tender process.

Efficient Timesheet Management

DooceyVision includes a timesheet feature that allows users to complete their timesheets weekly. This data is then used to generate payroll runs, simplifying the payroll process and ensuring accuracy.

Custom Business Forms and Reporting

The forms module allows for the creation of custom business forms, which can be completed by users via the mobile app or website. This module also includes a robust reporting tool, enabling detailed analysis of the data collected through these forms.

Health and Safety Permit Management

Our software manages health and safety permits, tracking expiry dates and submitted forms related to these permits. This ensures compliance and safety within the organization.

Full HR Management

DooceyVision’s HR module manages user information and general staff records. It includes features for handling holiday allowances and sickness records, providing a comprehensive solution for HR needs.

centralised Document Management

The documents module allows for the central management of company documents, accessible by users both on the web and through the mobile app. This ensures that important information is always available when needed.

Security Module

The security module enables members of the security team to scan QR codes on user badges to allow or deny access to specific areas. This enhances security and ensures that only authorized personnel can access restricted areas.

Detailed Costings Analysis

Finally, the costings module analyses all timesheet data input into the system. It attributes costs to relevant contracts, providing detailed financial insights and helping to manage project budgets effectively.

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