Spotlight: Integrating Ecommerce with Sage Line 50 for Streamlined Operations

Project Overview

Blumac Digital is excited to showcase our work in integrating an ecommerce website with Sage Line 50, leveraging third-party API software. This integration aimed to synchronise product data and automate the processing of sales invoices, ensuring seamless operations and accurate financial records.

The Challenge

Our client needed a robust solution to integrate their ecommerce platform with Sage Line 50, their accounting software. The primary requirements were to synchronise product data, including pricing and stock levels, and to push sales invoices into Sage Line 50 when orders were placed on the website. Ensuring the integration was secure and efficient was paramount.

Sage Line 50

Our Solution

To meet these requirements, we implemented a comprehensive integration using third-party API software installed on the Sage Line 50 server, which we host in our secure AWS Network. This allowed us to establish a secure and efficient connection between the ecommerce website and Sage Line 50. Key features of the integration included:

Product Data synchronisation

API Software Installation:
We installed the third-party API software on the Sage Line 50 server, facilitating a reliable connection for data synchronisation.
Syncing Price and Stock Levels:
The integration ensured that product data, including pricing and stock levels, was continuously synced between Sage Line 50 and the ecommerce website. This guaranteed that the website always displayed the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Automated Sales Invoicing

Pushing Sales Invoices:
When an order was placed on the ecommerce website, the integration automatically pushed the sales invoice to Sage Line 50. This automation eliminated the need for manual data entry, reducing errors and saving time.
Secure Data Transfer:
The use of third-party API software ensured that all data transfers between the ecommerce website and Sage Line 50 were secure and compliant with industry standards.

Benefits and Impact

  • Operational Efficiency:
    The integration streamlined the management of product data and order processing, allowing the client to focus on core business activities. This improved overall operational efficiency.
  • Accurate Data Management:
    By automating the synchronisation of product data and the transfer of sales invoices, the risk of human error was minimised. This ensured that both the ecommerce platform and Sage Line 50 maintained accurate records.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience:
    Customers benefited from real-time product availability and accurate pricing information, leading to a more reliable shopping experience.
  • Improved Financial Tracking:
    The automatic creation of sales invoices in Sage Line 50 provided the client with timely and accurate financial records, facilitating better financial management and reporting.


Blumac Digital’s integration solution provided our client with a seamless connection between their ecommerce website and Sage Line 50. By leveraging third-party API software, we ensured secure and efficient synchronisation of product data and automated sales invoicing, enhancing both operational efficiency and data accuracy.

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Key Features
  • Sage Line 50
  • PHP
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