Spotlight: Integrating SagePay with Ecommerce and Order Management Systems

Project Overview

Blumac Digital is proud to present our successful integration of the SagePay payment processing system with both an ecommerce website and an Order Management System (OMS) for our client. This integration was designed to enhance the security and efficiency of online transactions, streamline order management, and improve the overall user experience for customers and staff alike.

The Challenge

Our client needed a comprehensive solution that could handle secure online transactions, synchronise payment and order data between the ecommerce platform and the OMS, and provide robust management and reporting tools. The primary challenges were ensuring secure payment processing, automating data synchronisation, and enhancing operational efficiency.

Sagepay Payment Integration

Our Solution

To address these challenges, we implemented a seamless integration of the SagePay payment processing system with the client’s ecommerce website and OMS. Key features of this integration included:

Secure Payment Processing with SagePay

Multiple Payment Options:
SagePay supports various payment methods, including credit/debit cards and digital wallets, providing customers with flexible payment choices.
PCI Compliance:
SagePay's PCI-compliant infrastructure ensured that all transactions were processed securely, protecting sensitive customer information and maintaining trust.

Integrated Order Management:

Automated Order Syncing:
When an order was placed on the ecommerce website, payment and order details were automatically synchronised with the OMS. This reduced manual data entry, minimised errors, and saved valuable time.
Real-Time Order Updates:
The OMS provided real-time updates on order status, inventory levels, and fulfillment processes, ensuring efficient order management and timely customer communication.

Efficient Transaction and Order Handling

Real-Time Payment Processing:
Payments were processed in real-time through SagePay, ensuring that orders could be fulfilled promptly.
Comprehensive Reporting:
Both the ecommerce platform and the OMS benefited from SagePay's detailed transaction reporting, aiding in financial management and performance analysis.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Streamlined Checkout Process:
The integration offered a smooth and user-friendly checkout process, reducing cart abandonment rates and improving the overall shopping experience.
Order Tracking:
Customers received real-time updates on their order status, enhancing transparency and satisfaction.

Benefits and Impact

  • Operational Efficiency:
    The integration streamlined the entire purchase and fulfillment process, reducing manual workload and enhancing accuracy.
  • Increased Sales and Customer Satisfaction:
    A seamless checkout experience and efficient order management led to higher customer satisfaction and increased sales.
  • Enhanced Security:
    SagePay's robust security features ensured that all transactions were secure, building trust with customers and protecting the client's business.
  • Better Financial Management:
    Detailed reporting from Sagepay provided valuable insights into sales and transaction data, aiding in better financial planning and management.


Blumac Digital's integration of SagePay with the ecommerce website and OMS provided a comprehensive solution that enhanced operational efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and ensured secure transactions. This integration supported the client’s business growth by streamlining processes and delivering a superior user experience.

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